A Message from our Founder & CEO

Hello and welcome! I'm Chad El Hage, Founder & CEO of Brands In Games Marketplace. It's great to have you on our site.

Together with my dedicated team, we've architected a top-tier Patented monetization platform in addressing the free-to-play gaming market. Our platform aims to create a win-win-win strategy.

Gaming Publishers Get a New Revenue Stream, Players Get Free In-App Currency, Brands & Merchants Get Guaranteed Results.

We're not just a monetization platform, we're innovators. Our marketplace is designed to work with ease, providing mobile players a easy path to earning free-in-app currency toward the game they are playing.

Think about it, our mission is to provide an opportunity for every free-to-play gaming publisher to join a $170 billion a year marketplace by capitalizing on purchases your player would make anyway. If a player typically shops through Amazon, providing the opportunity to purchase a gift card inside your game or platform and receive FREE in-app currency rewards — creates an incentive.

You can visit www.brandedcurrency.com to see a list of our other platforms and contact me directly to learn more about how we can get you up and running. [email protected]

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