Introducing Our New Brands In Games Marketplace QR Code API

Revolutionizing In-Game Monetization for Desktop Games

We're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our patented marketplace offerwall technology suite: a brand-new QR Code API, specifically designed for desktop and console games.

What is Our QR Code API?

Our QR Code API allows gaming publishers to integrate our Patented Marketplace Offerwall directly into their desktop games. By simply scanning a QR code, players can now access our marketplace offerwall and earn free in-game currency from their mobile device.

How Does It Benefit Gamers?

For gamers, this means unparalleled convenience. No more alt-tabbing or minimizing your game. Instead, with a quick scan using their smartphone, players can access our marketplace offerwall and start earning free in-game currency rewards, enhancing the players gaming experience without interrupting it.

Advantages for Game Publishers

Game publishers stand to benefit immensely from this technology. The QR Code API not only streamlines our monetization process but also opens up new revenue streams. It allows for more creative and flexible placement of our GCOW Marketplace Offerwall.

Seamless Integration

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the integration of our QR Code API is as seamless as possible with integrattion taking only 1 day.

Get Started Today

We invite all game developers and publishers to explore this API and see how it can transform your monetization strategy for your desktop game. Our team is ready to assist with integration and answer any questions you might have.

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