LiveOps Campaign API now Live!

Revolutionizing In-Game LiveOps Monetization

We're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our patented Brands In Games Marketplace technology suite: a brand-new LiveOps Campaign API.

What is Our LiveOps API?

Our LiveOps Campaign API allows gaming publishers to integrate our Patented Brands In Games Marketplace API into their games and launch rewarded campaigns that can unlock virtual items, season passes, remove ads, and more for your players.

How Does It Benefit Gamers?

For gamers, this means unparalleled convenience and rewards. Now players can spend with brands and merchants they know and love all while reaping the benefits of in-game rewards and offers such as double diamonds, remove ads, etc for FREE!

Advantages for Game Publishers

Game publishers stand to benefit immensely from this LiveOps offering. The win-win-win model will turn non paying players into ones that can be monetized. How many of your players are paying for these bundles or offers inside your mobile game? Now imagine how many players are shopping or are customers of DoorDash, Uber, BestBuy, Chevron? Our LiveOps Campaign API will guarantee your required commission to unlock these virtual rewards and help you turn non paying players into ones that can generate a new revenue stream for your game.

Seamless Integration

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the integration of our API is as seamless as possible with integration taking only 1 day.

Get Started Today

We invite all game developers and publishers to explore this API and see how it can transform your monetization strategy for your game. Our team is ready to assist with integration and answer any questions you might have.

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